Deluxe Turntable Case fits Technics 1200

Deluxe Turntable Case fits Technics 1200

DJ Turntable Cases - Deluxe Turntable Case

  • Product No.: TG1200B


Always prepared for your gig anywhere with outstanding reliability and equipment protection. Produced from high quality materials and made with style and toughness.

Polyfoam padding system for the right turntable fit and placement, it can accomodates most brand name turntables. Strong construction that can withstand the demands of travel and secured performance.


* ATA 300
* Spring action handles
* Easy locking fit and tongue
* Heavy and powerful ball corners
* Industrial strength latches and rubber feet
* Durable wheels
* Dual anchor rivets
* Pull out handle
* Laminated 3/8" plywood


Product Dimension: 22.7" W x 17.5" D x 9.6" H
Weight: 20lbs


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